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Example seven: Record brand new gadgets for the numerous kinds towards a secluded desktop

Example seven: Record brand new gadgets for the numerous kinds towards a secluded desktop

The fresh new ensuing display lists the fresh gadgets in the Net group and you may is sold with the computer like ID, apparatus IDs, and you can suitable IDs away from devices regarding class.

Next demand spends the new DevCon ListClass operation so you’re able to list the fresh gadgets on DiskDrive, CDROM, and TapeDrive classes to the Server01, a secluded computer system.

Example 8: List all rider data files

The next command spends new exclusive dating review DevCon DriverFiles operation so you’re able to listing the fresh file labels out-of motorists one to equipment toward system explore. The demand spends the fresh wildcard reputation (*) to suggest all of the gadgets toward system. Given that output is thorough, the latest demand uses the fresh redirection reputation (>) in order to reroute the productivity in order to a research document, driverfiles.txt.

Analogy 9: Number the latest driver data out-of a specific unit

Another demand spends the brand new DevCon DriverFiles procedure to look for the device driver the mouse tool towards the regional pc spends. They relates to the device by among the hardware IDs, HID\Vid_045e&Pid_0039&Rev_0121. The newest apparatus ID was closed inside quote persand character (&).

Analogy 10: Number driver bundles of the hardware ID development

The following command uses this new DevCon DriverNodes command and you will an ID trend in order to checklist the newest driver nodes of software-enumerated products. Designs are of help getting information about equivalent gizmos which may not be in identical settings class.

Another command spends the latest ID trend sw\* to help you specify gizmos whose hardware IDs otherwise suitable IDs start out with “sw,” that is, software-specified devices.

Analogy eleven: Listing rider bundles of the unit for example ID pattern

The next demand uses the DevCon DriverNodes procedure to help you record the newest rider bundles of all the devices whose product for example IDs begin with ROOT\Media, which is, products regarding the Enum\Root\Media registry subkey. The brand new order spends the newest from the reputation () to point your keywords is within the equipment such ID.

Analogy a dozen: Record types of a category out-of gizmos

The next demand uses the newest DevCon Tips process to display the brand new info used on devices on the Hdc device configurations class. This group includes IDE controllers. The latest equivalent signal (=) is actually prepended to “hdc” to indicate that it’s a course and not a keen ID.

Example 13: Record sourced elements of product on the a secluded computers from the ID

Another demand spends the brand new DevCon Resources procedure so you’re able to number the latest information allocated to the device timer. Brand new demand spends the tools ID of your own system timer, ACPI\PNP0100, in order to establish the computer.

The next demand uses the computer instance ID of your remote system timekeeper regarding the DevCon information command. The fresh within character () suggests that the fresh sequence is an instrument such as for instance ID, perhaps not an equipment ID otherwise suitable ID.

Example 14: Screen new driver stack having storage devices

The next demand uses the new DevCon Bunch procedure to find gadgets about Volume options classification and you may screen the latest expected driver heap for those gizmos. The brand new equivalent indication (=) shows that the latest string is a category label.

As a result, DevCon screens new questioned bunch on gadgets in the Frequency classification. The latest came back analysis has the device such as ID and description out of for every single product, brand new GUID and you will name of one’s equipment options class, this new brands out-of upper minimizing filter vehicle operators, and you may handling functions (or no).

Analogy 15: Discover options family of a tool

The latest DevCon Heap process efficiency the new configurations family of a tool also the top and lower filter people. The next instructions get the configurations category of new printer vent interface by the interested in its equipment such as for instance ID and then making use of the device for example ID to obtain their setup classification.

Next demand spends the latest DevCon HwIDs process to discover the device eg ID of printer port interface by using “LPT,” a term throughout the printer vent technology ID.

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