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Just how to Install Virtual DJ (7.4.1) on Ubuntu 13.10 ?

Just how to Install Virtual DJ (7.4.1) on Ubuntu 13.10 ?

I’m not a DJ, but after watching certainly my personal friends are a DJ, In addition wished to try it a bit (just for fun ?? ), and that’s how I encountered Virtual DJ. It is possible to incorporate, beginner friendly, & there was a free version available which despite some of the constraints, continues to be an outstanding software program.

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Virtual DJ is one of the respected MS Microsoft windows centered songs mixing pc software and several DJ hardware gadgets (like those from Pioneer) integrate integral service for Virtual DJ. But as a GNU/Linux consumer, the issue with Virtual DJ usually they operates on Windows and Mac computer OS X best.

Therefore I decided to find out if maybe it’s run-on Ubuntu 13.10 utilizing Wine (something that lets you run a number of MS house windows software on GNU/Linux), so that as you can see from under screenshot, despite few small issues, I found myself rather successful in performing this.

I decided to create a simple how to guidelines wanting that a person otherwise may additionally find it beneficial. So, without the additional delays, let’s began the process .

That Which We have to do

It’s very simple. Initial we should instead put in Wine on Ubuntu (Im run 13.10 nevertheless the exact same training should work with some other versions as well) & subsequently we will install Virtual DJ for Microsoft windows setup utilizing it &, definitely it!.

1. Installing Wine

Open up the Terminal emulator and enter the under directions.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

If you would like the most recent secure release of Wine and that is at this time 1.6, next enter the below order.

If you like the most recent erratic develops (which I cannot endorse), subsequently enter the underneath one rather.

On a freshly set up Ubuntu machine, Wine needs to install around 240-250MB of information, therefore it might take a time to down load. While setting up an installed plan (Microsofts proprietary fonts), you are going to need to agree its EULA terms and conditions, & you should use the Tab secret and also the Arrow tactics on the keyboard for choosing the correct keys (shown below).

Others is in fact automatic.

2. Installing Virtual DJ

Grab Virtual DJ 7.4.1 for Windows using this page. When it finishes grabbing, go directly to the downloaded place and two fold click the Virtual DJ build file. Before doing the installer, Wine will arrange the options basic (only happens when your open they for the first time).

Then it will open-up the installer, similar to on house windows.

A very important factor to remember usually, as soon as you arrive at selecting installations way therefore if chose Typical, after that wait a little for couple of seconds for the Install action to look (revealed below).

When all is performed, go through the Finish button and now you need to see a Virtual DJ house Free shortcut symbol on your Ubuntu pc. This can be essentially they, now you should certainly operate they by simply dual hitting they.

The Issues

As mentioned at first, I’m not a DJ and therefore, i can’t get into heavier info. But, with the exception of few small issues, literally all the other attributes that Virtual DJ present you with on house windows, labored on Ubuntu also! (such as Sound Setup, Skins, results, audio tracking etcetera).

Problem 1

The only big concern is connected with screen control. If you attempt to maximize Virtual DJ following unmaximize it (furthermore takes place if you try to minimize it) then entire desktop becomes stuck. The only real repair will be open up critical emulator (by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T points) and restart the display manager utilizing the under order.

Even though desktop is restored through it, you are going to shed all open software screens in addition to their facts. Should you however can avoid using the Minimize & Maximize keys, you ought to be fine.


You are able to rather fix this using Winetricks electric that accompany Wine.

After starting it (found above), decide: Select the default wineprefix -> OK -> Change options -> OK -> windowmanagermanaged=no stop window management from managing windowpanes -> OK. Today close the Winetricks screen (two screens that pop up, one following the more).

After that, as soon as you minmise Virtual DJ it would be placed round the base left-corner of this Application Launcher (on Trash you could go the icon) and you may restore it by hitting the icon. Its ugly, but hey, much better than absolutely nothing ??

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