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What Your Grindr ‘About Me’ Actually States About Yourself

What Your Grindr ‘About Me’ Actually States About Yourself

Weve already talked about exactly what your Grindr profile pic says about you (with gay guys, a photo is not simply worth a 1,000 wordsits value all words), however people do see the “about me personally” sections on Grindr alongside different gay hookup software. Alas, a lot of men were cryptic and/or straight-up lying-in this section, therefore right heres exactly what your Grindr “about myself” point actually claims in regards to you.

1. No taps!

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Or some variation thereof. Maybe the guy produces, Taps is irritating, or People just who tap myself would be blocked. This people are 100per cent filled up with themselves. Girl, you are really not too hot. In addition, numerous individuals, like my self, only dont go through the taps. What makes you getting all worked up because some one indicated desire for you? Relax.

2. No fats, fems.

You’re worst. You might be garbage. You may have weird internalized homophobia, femmephobia, and body graphics issues that youre taking out on the remainder of the gay area. Kindly, in regards to our benefit as well as your own, only quit.

3. Hung best!

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Yeah, you may be size-queen. Thats. um. thats fairly obvious. Healthy, I guess? You know what you want and youre setting it up?

4. Looking for the present time.

This will be something you can and may simply take at face value. The person is actually aroused. He or she is trying have sex right then and there. If you find yourself also, go on and content your. See if its a match.

5. “merely interested in dates.”

Perhaps you have realized that the inventors whom say theyre best selecting schedules and/or anything serious are first to send nudes? Anything fishy is going on here. In addition, why are your using Grindr when there are countless much better programs which can be tailored considerably towards matchmaking than starting up? Honestly, I think a majority of these the male is in assertion.

6. Looking for the right chap but not against enjoyable along the way.

This, inside my simple opinion, is the champion of most users. Its truthful. Its perhaps not judgemental. It lets the males know while you are prepared for having anything more serious, youre furthermore nevertheless hoping to get put on the way. I do believe this belief is a thing that most homosexual males can connect with.


I dont understand what the offer because of this are. Frankly, this just intimidates me. What makes your writing each damn thing in ALL LIMITS. LOOKING FOR NOWADAYS! HORNY! DEMAND boys! Yes, were all horny really want one. Thats why were from the application. Take a chill medicine.

8. “No [insert battle right here].”

You happen to be racist. It really is that facile. Kindly dont attempt to validate the racism aided by the thinly veiled justification of preferences. We could all see past that.

9. “get right to the PoinT.”

You are doing crystal meth. Definitely clear. You are looking for other individuals which do crystal meth. I don’t assess, but kindly, for the love of goodness, be cautious. And dont have rest into it. That stuff, is not weed. Its truly truly harmful.

10. “No pic, no speak.”

This claims reduced in regards to the person himself that has this on their profile, but instead, they talks additional into remaining gay society. This should be a no-brainer by now. Send a damn picture of your self. Of face. Therefore we know you may be genuine and not catfishing you.

11. “Anonymous.”

Okay, therefore theres one exclusion with the zero photo, no talk tip. Youre into anonymous enjoy. If that’s the case, thats fair. Only say so on your visibility. Some guys would. They say theyre wanting to get pounded without seeing the facial skin. They just want to be naked, ass on the sleep whenever you arrive. (looks sort of hot, no?) only to note, theres not a way in hell that all y’all with blank profiles tend to be into private play.

12. “Discreet.”

Note that unknown varies than downlow (DL) or discerning. There are plenty of out homosexual males whom similar to having sex anonymously. Thats unique of not being entirely over to the world.

13. “right guy.”

Im sorry. Im actually, truly sorry. Youre not straight. Whether or not youre checking receive blown or jack down with another man, youre not right. You are bisexual. Sure, you may well be additional interested in lady than guys, and thiss completely okay. But I dont imagine its accurate to claim the right label when you are cruising to pull penis, ya understand?

14. No about me point

You dont think that everything say things because a photo deserves 1,000 phrase. Reasonable sufficient, although since some men do like profile, would it truly kill that compose a sentence or two?

15. “forward nudes.”

TBH, my visibility checks out, Unabashed ass people exactly who wants to cuddle. Men and women after that deliver me pics regarding bubble butts, for which we living. Some guys want to see some nudes. Thats the reason why they require all of them inside their profile.

16. An extended, hearty about me part

Im considering something like this, Everyone loves out-of-doors, surfing, and climbing. I’ve a pet labradoodle called Selina. Into game titles also. Wines. Like things wine and you also obtain the point. Alright, this person is wanting getting somewhat reference to a guy before the guy gets plowed. Is it possible to pin the blame on your?

17. No BStell me what you would like.

These the male is perhaps not available of chatting endlessly. Theyre looking to get to the point. (merely this time, they performednt usage investment Ts, very theyre not writing about crystal meth, they actually simply want that express exactly what youre seeking to get into.)

18. “Sub, looking Dom very top.”

So the about me doesnt have to be specific for subs. The example i take advantage of is to show that there exists kinksters of most kinds who present what theyre into inside their about me point. Theyre wanting things a little more interesting than vanilla extract.

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